Diwali - The Joy of Gifting

08 November 2020

This Diwali, Redefine the Joy of Gifting


It’s that time of year again…Time to celebrate family and togetherness, time to give thanks, and of course, time to get your gifting game on. As much as it is about lights, festivity, card parties and meeting loved ones, Diwali is also about the joy of gifting.


In the recent years, the words ‘Mithai ka Dabba’ have somehow become synonymous with Diwali. With dozens of such boxes stacked up in every home come Diwali, the sweetness overload can get too much to handle. All we end up doing is the ‘dabba’ rotation among our relatives. The ladoos from your uncle get transferred to your cousin; the barfi from the neighbour aunty goes to your boss, and so on. Finally, when the season ends, we are still left with that same sky-high stack and the worst part is - we don’t have the remotest idea who gave us which dabba! 


In the midst of so many generic Diwali gifts, who wouldn’t want to be gifted something different? So why not plan Diwali gifts that are innovative and a welcome change from the usual suspects. This way, not only will you enjoy giving the Diwali gift, but the one receiving it will also remember you and the fact that it came from you! And most importantly – they’ll want to keep your gift for themselves, rather than passing it on to another far flung relative. 


This Diwali, why not try and recapture the joy of gifting your loved ones something special, something unique. Have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is not just innovative and one-of-a-kind, but also healthy and good for them.


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