Healthy Eating - How Lockdown Challenged the Best of Us!

18 August 2018


When you’re stuck at home in the middle of a pandemic, what do you do? If the Instagram influencers are to be believed, you learn cool new skills, cook amazing healthy food, do Yoga, snuggle up with your partner, and generally have the best time. 

Reality check. When you are struggling to balance the never-ending chores at home along with those energy-sapping Zoom calls, where’s the time for anything else? Cooking gets relegated to weekends at the most, while you make do with quick-to-prepare, pre-processed foods between your to-do’s for the day. Healthy eating goes out the window. 

Netflix and Nosh!

Lockdown brought social life to a standstill. Televisions and laptops became the stand-in sources of companionship and entertainment. So, you stocked up on ready-to-eat snacks, and binged every night on hours of Netflix and packets of chips. Rinse and repeat. Before you knew it, a new habit had been formed. 

Let’s face it, our life patterns changed drastically in these last months of Covid-induced lockdown. Now that the lockdown is over and folks are getting their lives in order again, are you curious to see which of the habits formed during lockdown survive the “unlock”? 


Healthy Eating - How Lockdown Challenged the Best of Us!

Healthy Snacks – Flavour of the Season

With social distancing still required for the foreseeable future, perhaps you won’t want to give up your Netflix/Hotstar/Prime subs just yet! However, you only have to check your Insta feed to see the resurgence of healthy eating. Health-conscious people are searching for better food choices to make for themselves, even as they continue to binge-watch episodes of Never Have I Ever or Paatal Lok (or whatever floats your boat!). Searches for healthy snacks online are at an all-time high, as people increasingly realise the importance of eating healthy and clean. 

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